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Building Respect in the Classroom

Every teacher wants to be respected by their students, but not every teacher knows how to achieve this. There are proven best practices that build respect between teachers and students. In this workshop, you will 1) learn simple techniques that will help you feel and appear more powerful, 2) explore how to use this authority to effectively build positive relationships with students and maximize instructional time, and 3) practice these techniques in a variety of contexts.

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Course Length

  • 8 lessons total
  • 47 mins total


  • Liz Willingham
  • NYC public school teacher, instructional coach, and recruiter

Additional Resources

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Course Outline (47 mins)

Before Consequences: Techniques to Use (4:29)
What you need to know before implementing consequences, and an overview of less invasive strategies
Activity: Applying Less Invasive Strategies (4:05)
Examples of less invasive consequences and when to use them
Recap and Additional Resources (4:14)
Identify next steps, learn more about Selected’s resources

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