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Watch an Exemplary 10-Minute Demo Lesson

Watch veteran educator, Liz Willingham, execute a 10-minute Demo Lesson.

Key Points

  • This video clip was the sixth take for Liz. It’s important to practice the lesson repeatedly before executing in-person.
  • Before recording the video, Liz had two minutes to write her information on the board.
  • While there are only two students present in this clip, you still want to position yourself next to students so that hiring teams can better understand what teacher-student interactions will look like.

Insider Tips

Before Demo Day, consider the things you will want to reflect on following the lesson. We always suggest collecting Exit Tickets and being ready to speak to the results.

LAUSD Candidates: You will execute your lesson in front of adults sitting in as students. Be prepared to redirect their behaviors, narrate positive behaviors, and circulate the room to check their progress. Know that anything an adult does in this ten-minute time should be viewed as the behavior of a student in your classroom. This is their way of gauging your classroom management skills.


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