Special Education ICT (Elem) Teacher

WHIN Music Community Charter School
Manhattan, NY
$65K - $85K/year
Special Education
Kindergarten - 4th


WHIN Music Community Charter School is the first school of its kind! Built on the principles of El Sistema, WHIN is a place where children learn, grow, and make music together. At WHIN, we are building a nucleo, a community where staff, families, and students work together to make a powerful shift in public education that puts learners’ needs first. 

Our Mission:

To provide our diverse student population with rigorous academic instruction, intensive music education and a positive learning environment so that every student can thrive academically and personally. 

We believe…

• that all children deserve a high quality education, with access to academic rigor, music creation, and a holistic approach to developing character. 

• that a collaboration with families ensures the greatest success for our learners. 

• that restorative justice, inquiry-based hands on learning, and authentic learning experiences provide the most effective environments for growth, success, and joy.

We are looking for teachers who are…

• looking to grow and prosper in a collaborative work environment, including in co-taught classrooms.

• excited about teaching in a school and neighborhood where diversity is central.

• highly qualified and certified in Special Education, English as a New Language, and/or Early Childhood Education. 

We support teachers by…

• coaching and professional growth to deepen instructional practices.

• peer-to-peer observations, feedback, and support as well as ongoing professional development.

• having two teachers co-teaching to ensure all learners’ needs are met and teachers can work collaboratively to be at their best. 

In action, our mission looks like caring deeply about all aspects of our young learners’ potential. We make academics a priority while also ensuring students’ character and personal growth. With music at our core, students experience working together to create something bigger than their individual skills every single day, and this approach extends to our classrooms where project-based, hands on learning cultivates curious, creative, and hardworking learners. 

WHIN is currently seeking high performing elementary teachers who are ready to help grow a unique school community where compassion, kindness, and curiosity drive each and every day. 

Responsibilities and Duties

• Creating and maintaining a fun, engaging, and inclusive classroom culture where all students love to learn

• Differentiating instruction to meet learners needs to improve development of sensory and perceptual motor skills, language, cognition, and memory 

• Developing, modifying, and implementing curriculum and assessments for students with disabilities as determined in a student’s IEP and/or 504 plan

• Implement Behavior Intervention Plans (BIPs) as needed

• Driving academic outcomes for all students by analyzing data, differentiating instruction, and supporting each learner’s unique needs

• Contributing to the Child Study Team’s assessments of student needs

• Collaborating with colleagues to implement an effective integrated co-teaching model to serve all students in an inclusive classroom 

• Implementing a music-infused academic curriculum with support from the Director of Music and Directors of Curriculum and Instruction.

• Inspiring students and fellow staff to perform at his or her highest potential 

• Developing and maintaining strong and professional relationships with WHIN families 

Qualifications and Skills

• NYS or equivalent Special Education Teaching Certification

• Urban elementary teaching experience 

• Demonstrated success raising achievement levels of all students 

• An unwavering belief that all students can achieve at a high level

• Proven commitment and success working with students and families 

• The ability to thrive in a startup environment 

• The ability to excel in a fast-paced, dynamic, and exciting school

• A sense of humor and kindness towards your colleagues 

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