22-23 High School Exceptional Education Teacher

Intrepid College Prep Schools
Nashville Metro Area, TN
Lead Teacher
$50K - $70K/year
Special Education
9th - 12th


Intrepid College Prep is a network of free, college preparatory public charter schools located in Antioch, Tennessee. We educate scholars at two campuses: Opportunity Academy Middle School and Independence Academy High School. Our 5-12 model ensures that scholars have the opportunity to engage in a rigorous, college-preparatory education for eight years prior to their transition to college and the professional opportunities that follow. We are an open-enrollment school, which means that our scholars do not have to take an entrance test or pay tuition to enroll.


Intrepid College Prep is committed to ensuring our scholars, educators, and families have the opportunity to unlock an unlimited future. By providing rigorous academic instruction and creating powerful relationships amongst our community’s members, we ignite passion, seek knowledge, and inspire the bravery needed to have a profound impact in our world.

Our core values are Ignite Passion, Seek Knowledge, and Inspire Bravery. While we ground our instruction in these values, we also strive to live them out as adults in our interactions with one another. We believe that professional development and intentional coaching can allow any person to develop the skills necessary to be an effective team member, but we know that rests upon the bedrock of these essential values.


Core Value: Ignite Passion

What does this core value mean to Intrepid?


You hold yourself to a high standard and you take pride in your ability to take initiative. You have strong personal organization skills and are intentional about how you use your time.


You believe in helping to unlock the unlimited potential in all students through a college preparatory education. You believe that each and every student, regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender identity, religion, or immigration status is deserving of an excellent education and capable of achieving it.

Core Value: Seek Knowledge

What does this core value mean to Intrepid?


You want to grow as a person and a professional. You want to learn from your peers and your coaches, even when it challenges you to put aside your ego.

You are NERDY.

You have a deep love for your area of expertise and a genuine excitement to share it with others.

Core Value: Inspire Bravery

What does this core value mean to Intrepid?


You are committed to being actively anti-racist in your interactions with fellow staff, students and families. You believe that education is inherently social justice work that requires us to begin with ourselves and our own biases.


You are committed to personal development and prioritize your own wellness. You are reflective about your impact on others and feel comfortable acknowledging your own mistakes and quirks.


- Tennessee Certification in the appropriate content area, with a track record of data-driven achievement.

- Holds a B.A./B.S. degree with a minimum G.P.A. of 2.5.

- Minimum of two years teaching experience in an urban public school or charter school setting (preferred, but not required).

- Degree in subject area intended to teach (preferred, but not required).

- Speaks Spanish or has experience working with bilingual students (preferred, but not required).


Our lessons engage students in rigorous, grade-level conceptual understandings and critical thinking skills. We offer rigorous learning material in an equitable environment by planning targeted differentiation and thoughtful scaffolds to best meet the needs of our diverse learners. We communicate high expectations to the young minds in our classrooms, and we deeply believe they can meet those academic expectations.


- Internalize, accommodate, and execute our rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum including daily lesson plans, unit plans, and the scope and sequence.

- Collaborate with our Support Teachers to ensure tremendous academic growth for EL students and students with disabilities.

- Utilize structured planning time (minimum of 100 minutes) and professional development opportunities built into the school day to plan the highest quality lessons.

- Engage in a community where teaching is public (i.e. engaging in classroom visits, publication of curriculum, observation and feedback cycles).

- Share teaching strategies, visit peer classrooms, and analyze academic achievement data to develop best practice pedagogy.

- Commit to a school culture of consistency by implementing school-wide systems, structures, and procedures. Availability and willingness to participate in after-school programs.

- Availability and willingness to engage in a limited number of optional, evening/weekend student recruitment and community outreach events.

- Other duties as assigned

Commitment to Diversity

Intrepid College Prep is an equal opportunity employer. As an equal opportunity employer, we hire without consideration to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status or disability.


We offer a generous compensation package, including health benefits.  All staff members are equipped with the tools needed to succeed, including a dedicated work space, laptop computer, email, high-speed internet access, and all necessary supplies. Compensation is highly competitive; teachers are eligible to participate in the MNPS Retirement System.