Administrative Assitant

Red Bridge
San Francisco, CA
Front Office Management
$55K - $90K/year
Kindergarten - 5th

The Administrative Assistant will support the school administrators and teachers in keeping the school running smoothly and safely. This role includes serving as the front desk receptionist: welcoming parents and visitors to the school, tracking student attendance and coordinating late arrivals and early pickups. In addition, the Administrative Assistant will be responsible for certain business operations including ordering and organizing school supplies, coordinating receiving packages and returns, tuition invoicing and receiving and tracking enrollment and re-enrollment documentation. The Administrative Assistant will keep physical and digital materials organized and be responsible for creating a welcoming environment for parents and staff. As this is a school-based role, the Administrative Assistant will supervise students at certain times of day, such as lunch and snack, and may fill in as a substitute teacher from time to time. This is a full-time position reporting to the Head of School.