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Charlotte Lab SchoolCharlotte, NC

We created Lab to reimagine what’s possible in public education. As long-time K-12 teachers and administrators we knew there was a better way to approach school. A way that puts the needs of students (vs. the ‘system’) at the center, a way that lets teachers be the kind of teachers they always thought they could be, a way that proves ALL kids can be successful. So we created Lab, and The Lab Way. It’s our lives’ work and our passion. Our country’s approach to education hasn’t changed much since the industrial revolution; we do a great job of educating our children to be successful in a world of the past. But the world is progressing, and fast; the rate of innovation has increased exponentially. Ideas that seemed like science fiction a few years ago – self-driving cars, refrigerators that tell you when you’re running low on milk, connected and smart-cities – are today’s reality. Research indicates that 65% of the jobs today’s kids will hold when they’re adults haven’t even been created yet. How will people work in the global workplace of tomorrow? How can we best prepare our kids to be successful in a world where the pace of change is unprecedented? These are the questions we ask ourselves at Charlotte Lab School, a progressive charter school in uptown Charlotte, where the challenge of preparing our students is even greater than in other cities. Charlotte ranks 50th out of 50 among America’s largest cities in upward mobility. This means that for a child born into poverty in Charlotte, it is harder to escape than in any other large city in the United States. At Lab, whatever their background, race, ethnicity, neighborhood or socioeconomic status, we empower our students with the skills and mindset they need to grow into the thinkers, creators and innovators of tomorrow. We are reimagining school. At Lab, we are teaching and learning for the next generation. And we do it The Lab Way.

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