An educator who is passionate, reflective and collaborative. Has genuine interest in students social and cognitive growth. Enjoys collaborating with all levels of staff members. Fosters quality relationships with students and parents.

Special Ed (General)
Special Ed English
Special Ed Math
Special Ed Science
Special Ed History
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Bachelors, Health Services Administration
Associates, Community Health
Masters, General and Special Education Grades 1-6
Special Education Teacher's Assistant
Childhood Education (Grades 1-6) Emergency COVID-19
NY • 1st-6th
Teacher Assistant Certificate
NY • Nursery-12th
Dignity for All Students Act Certificate
NY • Nursery-12th
Child Abuse Maltreatment Identification
NY • Nursery-12th
School Violence Prevention and Intervention
NY • Nursery-12th
Students with Disabilities Internship Certificate
NY • 1st-6th
Students With Disabilities (Grades 1-6) Emergency COVID-19
NY • 1st-6th