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A licensed professional secondary school teacher with five years of classroom teaching experience. Highly skilled in classroom management, able to collaborate with peers and has an intense sense of dedication towards teaching.

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Certified English Teacher Licensed Middle School and High School Teacher

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Aspiring educator passionate about teaching that puts students in control of their education. Strengthening students to awaken their innate resilience is vital to a student's success. Currently enrolled in an Education Masters program.

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Current Elementary Education student at Purdue University. I have a lot of experiences being in the elementary classrooms and am excited to start my career next school year!

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I am an objective driven science teacher. Educated in Indiana. I substitute teach now and will have my teacher's certification some time in 2022. BA in Biology - Indiana University Bloomington & MA Education - Grand Canyon University

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I am a retired school teacher/administrator in Louisiana. As well, I have been consulting professionally to school systems and professional student services organizations since 1989 in special education and school admin.

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Passionate instructor with proven success in lesson planning, the use of creative instructional tools, student assessment, tracking and reporting. A collaborator with administration to achieve individual and integrative student goals.

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Special Education Instructor at Ella T. Grasso Technical High School in Connecticut. Looking to explore full-time employment in a competitive location.

OH • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

As a scholar and educator, I am driven by a commitment to empower marginalized communities through research & praxis. I believe my purpose is to harness education as a tool to revolution, inspiring minds to imagine change.