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Innovative and enthusiastic High School Biology and Science Teacher with a passion for cultural diversity

AL • Last active 10 hours ago • View Profile

Special Education teacher devoted to providing students all modalities of teaching needed to be successful in and out of the classroom.

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I have a J1 Visa sponsor through BridgeUSA exchange teacher with Spirit Cultural Exchange. I am seeking a Host School for me to work with. A dynamic teacher with a solid history of successfully stepping into diverse classroom environments.

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Education is the way for students to achieve virtue in their lives. History and ethics are entangled. My trajectory as a teacher aims for both subjects. Experience as Middle and High School History Teacher, with a focus on AP curriculum.

GA • Last active 6 days ago • View Profile

American Citizen working in EAL/ESL for over 10 years with Bachelors Degree and TEFL certification, 2 years of Head of Division Secondary Academics

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Simple teacher with great ambition in life. Creative innovative and passionate about teaching. Hardworking and collaborative with all colleagues, I am friendly, cheerful, and trustworthy. Most Outstanding Promising Innovation Awardee 2018

NY • Last active 9 days ago • View Profile

Award-winning musician with a demonstrated history of working in the Education Sector. Strong leadership skills as a Music Director, Conductor, Vocal Coach, Ear Trainer and Music Instructor. More at

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FL • Last active 11 days ago • View Profile

Your New Theatre Director!

MN • Last active 12 days ago • View Profile

Aspiring lead secondary school math and science teacher, with experience in physics and chemistry teaching secondary school students. I have two bachelors' degrees, one degree in Earth Sciences. Based in MN, seeking to relocate.