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NJ • Last active an hour ago • View Profile

NJ • Last active 3 hours ago • View Profile

Ed.D. student and experienced HigherEd professional looking to transition into the classroom. Models professionalism and utilizes student centered approach to create meaningful relationships and push students to become authentic leaders.

NJ • Last active 3 hours ago • View Profile

Experienced K-12 teacher (tripled-certified: ESL, Special Education, Bilingual) & college professor. Significant business & legal expertise

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NJ • Last active 5 hours ago • View Profile

NJ • Last active 5 hours ago • View Profile

Passionate school teacher looking for new opportunities to share my knowledge and experience with all students.

NJ • Last active 10 hours ago • View Profile

I am seeking a teaching position! My past work, life, and teaching experiences have a proven track record in classroom management, differentiated instruction, communication, and cultivating a social emotional wellness.

NJ • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Experienced elementary teacher, M.A. in Teaching (K-5), dedicated to foster the academic, social, and emotional growth of all children

NY • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Early Childhood Educator (Ages 3-8) Open to Work from August 2023

NY • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Passionate and Multi-cultural Secondary Science Teacher focused on creating a positive learning environment in which adolescents can grow in a learner-centered classroom. Incorporate Interdisciplinary connections and SEL.