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Nursery - 12th

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CA • Last active 9 minutes ago • View Profile

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NY • Last active an hour ago • View Profile
3 years experience

Multifaceted education administrator specializing in Student Support Services, leading Senior and/or regional leadership teams and restorative/affirming school design processes.

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Certified in math
Has degree in math (or related)
5 years experience

Special education teacher

NY • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile
27 years experience

Teacher of Spanish, history and mathematics with 27 years of classroom experience

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Certified in math
Has degree in math (or related)
20 years experience

• Last active 4 days ago • View Profile
12 years experience

Compassionate, creative, and effective teacher with valuable international school experience in classroom administration, professional development, and project planning. Possess B.Ed. in Sciences specializing in (Mathematics and Chemistry).

NY • Last active 5 days ago • View Profile
1 years experience

Innovative, seasoned and compassionate pedagogue/leader dedicated to moving-lives-forward through the employment of the arts, social justice and thought-provoking methodology.

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Has degree in math (or related)
5 years experience

Proactive, dedicated and goal oriented teacher and ready to grasp and maximize opportunities that comes my way, going beyond my knowledge and experience in Chemistry and General Science to fully harness the potentials of my students.

NY • Last active 9 days ago • View Profile
10 years experience

Teacher for over 14 years; have taught from PreK to 3rd Grade. Currently seeking Master's in TESOL would like an innovative, collaborative setting where my experience will be used to the fullest for the welfare of all my students.

MD • Last active 9 days ago • View Profile
Certified in math
Has degree in math (or related)
7 years experience

Highly motivated and energetic professional educator with a history of executing with quality.