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An experienced licensed teacher and academic supervisor with 15 years of experience in the academe

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Highly Qualified Professional Teacher looking to make a difference.

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Experienced and highly qualified Texas Board Certified Educator in Secondary English Language Arts and Reading, Secondary Speech Communications, Professional Communications and Head Soccer Coach.

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When you need a Chemistry/Science teacher look no further. I am organized, punctual and well versed in many of the science subjects. I enjoy those "a-ha" moments. Would love to relocate and be part of an amazing group of teachers who care.

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Lifelong learner and educator passionate about helping students develop knowledge in diverse settings! I've taught English as a Second Language in South Korea. I recently graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing.

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passionate, patient and creative inclusive education teacher with 9 years of teaching experience

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Teaching is my passion.

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Highly result oriented Senior Physics faculty with proven record of exceeding all expectations when it comes to board exam results. Was Physics teacher to IGCSE world topper, 2020

NC • Last active 7 days ago • View Profile

Experienced, bilingual (Mandarin Chinese/English) corporate teacher with creativity, enthusiasm, patience, and deep passion for cultural diversity. Currently having CELTA certification and looking forward to becoming an ESL/ELA teacher.