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A licensed professional secondary school teacher with five years of classroom teaching experience. Highly skilled in classroom management, able to collaborate with peers and has an intense sense of dedication towards teaching.

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Doctoral student at New England College seeking a full time leadership role in K-12

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Experienced ESL teacher with enthusiasm, Atlanta Georgia moving to Baton Rouge; pursuing an educational career.

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LA • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

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Hello, I have been a very successful percussion /band instructor for over 18 years at some of the best music programs in the state of Texas. I also have worked with IDEA,KIPP, and JUBILEE charter schools K-12.

NY • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

An innovative and enthusiastic secondary school teacher of mathematics,ICT and R.E

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I am an experienced mathematics teacher with great subject content knowledge. I have the ability to explain difficult content in simple terms. I am looking to joining a new school. Based outside of the US, open to relocation.

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Physics, Chemistry and Nuclear Science Educator

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Mathematics Teacher with 4 years of experienced managing classroom 40-50 students. Possess strong track record in improving test scores and teachingeffectively.skilled at communication with students and parents. looking to contribute.