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A licensed professional secondary school teacher with five years of classroom teaching experience. Highly skilled in classroom management, able to collaborate with peers and has an intense sense of dedication towards teaching.

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Primary School Teacher from India. I have a rich working experience of 20 years. I can arrange a sponsor.

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Certified English Teacher Licensed Middle School and High School Teacher

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Doctoral student at New England College seeking a full time leadership role in K-12

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Current Elementary Education student at Purdue University. I have a lot of experiences being in the elementary classrooms and am excited to start my career next school year!

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Teacher, writer, editor

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A professional licensed Teacher with a total of 8 years teaching experience and at the same time 5 years experienced as Teacher in Charge, managing both school staff, learners, parents and the school as a whole.

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Experienced school teacher with the desire to make connections with students. Problem solver. Data driven. Social-emotional education enthusiast. Relationship builder. Eager to learn. Differentiation master.