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I am a Full-time Technology and Livelihood Education teacher to Junior and Senior high school students. A part-time ESL teacher to beginner and advanced Chinese students.

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A recent graduate from the University of Colorado Denver with a bachelor's in Finance and Economics. My specialty is mathematics, science and english.

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Your New Theatre Director!

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Experienced Elementary and Middle School STEAM Educator with a Growth Mindset // Anti-Racist Educator //Certified Mindfulness Educator // Specializing in STEAM-Integration and Curriculum Development // National Boards, Generalist 4-8

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Experienced and certified Elementary and high School Teacher with nearly 5 years in diverse classroom settings. As my profession is teaching English, it is my passion too.

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High School History teacher with 5 years experience working with both private and public schools in Shanghai, China. Certified in Grades 7-12 Social Studies.

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When you need a Chemistry/Science teacher look no further. I am organized, punctual and well versed in many of the science subjects. I enjoy those "a-ha" moments. Would love to relocate and be part of an amazing group of teachers who care.