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OH • Last active 12 hours ago • View Profile

Social Studies teacher with virtual learning experience who values relationships, teamwork, academic success, and differentiated instruction. I have a commitment to implementing interactive lessons to accommodate diverse learning styles.

OR • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Adaptable English teacher experienced working with students from diverse cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. Able to identify and support the specific needs of students whether at home or in school!

MO • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Adaptable and enthusiastic educator with experience working with middle school, high school, and college students in general social studies, politics, and economics

CO • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Experienced credentialed multiple subject upper grade elementary with ELL endorsement. I have experience with both virtual and in person teaching. 10 years experience in diverse environments both private and public. Relocating.

• Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

I am an Egyptian student who won a Fulbright scholarship to go and study in the United States for three years. I currently reside in Egypt but I am already sponsored by Sagamore Institute to receive my J1 for placement in Indiana.

• Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Elementary teacher who has a growth mindset for all students in their academic and emotional abilities. Providing GRIT instruction and instilling responsibility. Open to relocation in the US.

FL • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

Teaching in its highest form manifests in a desire to share.

MD • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

Highly motivated and energetic professional educator with a history of executing with quality.

CO • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

Experienced Teacher, Tutor and Mentor in Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Robotics at both the high school and university level. Eight years of experience inside and outside of classroom settings.

MA • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

Senior at Boston University Wheelock College of Education dedicated to providing students with a progressive and competitive education.