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NM • Last active 3 hours ago • View Profile

ES teacher with 3+ years experience in managing students, teaching all subject areas. Adept with innovative instructional methods and technology. Visa sponsor ready if offered US job.

• Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

I am a licensed professional here in the Philippines with 4 years of teaching experience in both elementary and secondary levels. I am willing to relocate to the United States for a teaching position.

• Last active 4 days ago • View Profile

Motivated Elementary Teacher with 3+ years of experience. Patient, tolerant, critical thinker who is organized and self-motivated. High levels of energy and flexibility. Open to relocation.

• Last active 4 days ago • View Profile

An enthusiastic and committed English teacher with a natural ability to appreciate and inspire children. Open to relocation.

• Last active 6 days ago • View Profile

I am a passionate licensed professional teacher with broad experience in teaching elementary students. I have a strong command of curriculum design, student development, and instructional delivery. Open to relocation.

AR • Last active 16 days ago • View Profile

I am a process-driven, growth-mindset music educator (certified in all grade levels for both instrumental and vocal music, but specializing in the latter) seeking to instill a zeal for the arts in his students.

TN • Last active 17 days ago • View Profile

In my former teacher’s role, I exercise a calculated and methodical approach to problem solving. I am competent in teaching following classes: General I, General II, Organic, Analytic, and Quantum Chemistry.

AK • Last active 22 days ago • View Profile

Results and research-based professional educator who is willing to work hand in hand to achieve the goal of providing quality-assured education for the competitive 21st-century learners. Seeking a teaching role in the US.

• Last active 23 days ago • View Profile

I am a dedicated Science teacher who wants to make use of the knowledge and skills I have gained from all of my teaching-learning experiences as my passion to bring significant change to the lives of many young minds. Open to relocation.

• Last active 25 days ago • View Profile

Experienced English teacher. Problem solver & course designer for all levels of writers and readers. Open to relocation.