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NM • Last active 3 hours ago • View Profile

ES teacher with 3+ years experience in managing students, teaching all subject areas. Adept with innovative instructional methods and technology. Visa sponsor ready if offered US job.

MA • Last active 7 hours ago • View Profile

An experienced, all-around educator and team player looking for a full time teaching role! I am passionate about making meaningful connections with my students, shaping their minds, and making a difference.

RI • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Experienced college English instructor, looking for new opportunities at the secondary level.

MA • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Candidate for MA state licensure in elementary ed at Smith College. Experienced as a classroom reading tutor in grades 1-3 and a community college writing tutor. Seeking full-time teaching position upon graduation in May 2023.

RI • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

First year elementary teacher with a passion for teaching and learning along with students. Moving back to RI and cannot wait to start my journey in an elementary education career!

• Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

I am a passion-driven and research-orientated English teacher from the Philippines. I am a licensed secondary education teacher yet I spent my 10 years of teaching experiences in the elementary level.

• Last active 6 days ago • View Profile

I am a passionate licensed professional teacher with broad experience in teaching elementary students. I have a strong command of curriculum design, student development, and instructional delivery. Open to relocation.

• Last active 6 days ago • View Profile

I have been teaching mathematics for 11 years. I always make sure that when I plan my lesson, the activities given will be meaningful and relevant to my students. Teaching is my passion and I am open to relocation in the US.

WA • Last active 6 days ago • View Profile

Standards, curriculum, materials, methods, creativity and relationships determine the environments for success. Of these six, relationships are paramount. Therefore, I listen intently with all five senses, and with my heart.

FL • Last active 8 days ago • View Profile

Passionate Teacher/Learner. My passion lies in finding, stimulating, and enhancing knowledge. My classrooms create a culture of learning and developing a path that encourages lifelong learning.