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I am a passionate licensed professional teacher with broad experience in teaching elementary students. I have a strong command of curriculum design, student development, and instructional delivery. Open to relocation.

NM • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

ES teacher with 3+ years experience in managing students, teaching all subject areas. Adept with innovative instructional methods and technology. Visa sponsor ready if offered US job.

WA • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Standards, curriculum, materials, methods, creativity and relationships determine the environments for success. Of these six, relationships are paramount. Therefore, I listen intently with all five senses, and with my heart.

CA • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

A highly motivated educator who successfully disseminates information uses instructional technology and proactively manages the classroom.

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Dynamic and Passionate Educator with 10-year Experience and Ready to Move to United States of America

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Hi I am a bilingual (Spanish) teacher from Honduras. I am dedicated, hardworking and patient. Adaptable teacher experienced working with students from diverse cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. Able to identify student needs.

MD • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

Bridgewater College alumna who is trauma informed, reflective, an effective communicator, and passionate about restorative discipline. I’m excited to be moving to Richmond, VA in January and thrilled at the possibility of teaching there!

NC • Last active 6 days ago • View Profile

Science teacher, in both English and Spanish. Biologist with Master in Education, Learning, and Technology

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Motivated Elementary Teacher with 3+ years of experience. Patient, tolerant, critical thinker who is organized and self-motivated. High levels of energy and flexibility. Open to relocation.

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Transitioning United States Marine with 8 years experience in Proffesional Military Education of various topics. Open to relocation and eager to join the Education operating forces. Available to start Feb 2022 !