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Nursery - 12th

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A great teacher is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. This person is approachable to everyone on campus. I am a very dedicated teacher and coach who mentors the students under my care.

MO • Last active a day ago • View Profile

Enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate children. Experience teaching in Italy, Spain, Colombia, Honduras, and Puerto Rico.

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I am a well-rounded and compassionate Special Education Teacher for the past nine years. I am skilled at addressing each student's unique needs and creating effective lessons to accommodate special circumstances.

CA • Last active 2 days ago • View Profile

Dedicated teacher with a passion for education and an unwavering commitment to optimizing student and school success.

CA • Last active 3 days ago • View Profile

Enthusiastic French language and culture educator with a desire for bilingual encouragement at all levels.

CA • Last active 5 days ago • View Profile

I am an experienced teacher working towards a multiple subject credential with a history of working in education. I have obtained skills in implementing current educational strategies in elementary and early education and childcare.

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I am a passionate elementary school teacher looking for new experiences in the US.

CT • Last active 8 days ago • View Profile

Veteran teacher of social sciences and special educator. I wish to relocate.

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International candidate who is an experienced ESL and Turkish teacher

CA • Last active 9 days ago • View Profile

I have worked with a wide variety of students and have taught basic levels of math and ELA. I have taught 2 years exclusively of life science and 2 years of US/World history. I have taught health and a bit of basic poetry.