Vice President of Inclusive Education

Bright Star Schools
LA Central, CA, LA South, CA, San Fernando Valley, CA
Principal/Head of School
$120,000 - $150,000/year
$500 Relocation Bonus
Loan-Forgiveness Eligible
Special Education
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th

Vice President of Inclusive Education

Reports To: Chief Instructional Officer

Status: Exempt, Full-Time, year-round position

Bright Star Schools seeks an outstanding leader committed to the academic success of all students, irrespective of their abilities. Reporting to the Chief Instructional Officer, this role involves supporting principals, teachers, and external partnerships. Key responsibilities include developing an equity-focused vision, overseeing Special Education programs, managing personnel, and providing leadership across various programs and disciplines within a designated area. This position also entails supervising personnel, interpreting laws and policies, and overseeing psychological and counseling services for students, parents, and staff.

Responsibilities (include but are not limited to):

General Responsibilities/ Communication/Vision:

  • Collaborate with the Chief Instructional Officer to establish and refine the Vision for Bright Star Schools' Special Education Program, ensuring alignment with K-12 objectives and the overarching mission of Bright Star Schools.
  • Work closely with Principal Supervisors to implement and operationalize the Inclusive Education Vision, ensuring that adequate support structures are in place.
  • Provide oversight and leadership for the Special Education program across multiple schools, fostering intentional collaboration with site administrators through regular meetings and strategic planning sessions.
  • Participate in Option 3 Coordinating Council Meetings in accordance with the Bright Star Schools' vision and goals.
  • Organize and lead weekly administrative meetings focused on Inclusive Education initiatives.
  • Coordinate monthly Leadership meetings for Inclusive Education stakeholders, including Lead Inclusion Specialist Teachers (ISTs), School Psychologists, and Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs).
  • Ensure that Lead ISTs and school site teams convene biweekly for Professional Learning Community (PLC) meetings to discuss progress and share best practices.
  • Cultivate a culture of respect, curiosity, and enthusiasm within the inclusive education department.
  • Recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions and achievements within the schools.
  • Advocate for the acceptance and provision of services for children with disabilities within the school community.
  • Provide supervision and performance evaluations for Inclusive Education staff members.
  • Lead data monitoring and analysis to inform instructional practices and track progress towards established goals.
  • Attend and actively participate in Instructional Leadership Team meetings.

Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Aide in recruit and hiring inclusive education staff (including outside providers)
  • Ensure compliance with Individualized Education Program (IEP) and 504 plans, including timely assessments, progress reporting, and implementation of accommodations and modifications.
  • Manage database systems (e.g., Welligent) for special education staff and administration.
  • Act as liaison and advocate for students with diverse abilities.
  • Collaborate with faculty on cases requiring Tier 2 and 3 supports for individual students.
  • Execute and monitor Child Find procedures for proper identification of students with IEPs.
  • Collaborate with the data team to build an auditing system for CALPADS.
  • Work with the enrollment team to identify students early and address parent concerns.
  • Facilitate communication with attorneys and minimize litigation through systems and training.
  • Establish training and monitoring systems for coordinators regarding Parental Written Notices (PWNs).
  • Manage Tier 2 and 3 ADR, Mediation, and Due Process cases.
  • Provide consultation on structuring the spectrum of services the school provides.

Professional Development:

  • Prioritize professional development opportunities for staff to create inclusive and accessible classrooms.
  • Lead coordinators in creating content for inclusive education specialists and other professionals.
  • Facilitate professional development to align with the identification and assessment process of IEPs.
  • Provide Principals and Assistant Principals with professional development on inclusive education.
  • Deliver compliance-related professional development.


  • Respond to COP district requirements and DVR procedures.
  • Collaborate with COP and LAUSD via committees to build goodwill.
  • Communicate oversight expectations from CSD and CDE to school sites.
  • Apply for grants for new programming in alignment with the BSS Vision and goals.
  • Prepare written responses to official complaints to CDE or LAUSD.
  • Coordinate with Non-Public Agencies (NPAs) to address IEP process expectations.
  • Collaborate with Talent & HR on scheduling, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding new IE staff.

Student Services:

  • Coordinate special services as required by each student's IEP and collaborate with outside agencies.
  • Monitor 300 reports and ensure proper service tracking.
  • Supervise special education staff and partnerships with outside agencies.
  • Review and approve invoices for special education services.


  • Knowledge of relevant special education laws, regulations, and policies, including but not limited to, criteria for eligibility, service provision purposes and requirements, student disciplinary considerations, and change of placement processes.
  • Understanding of district operations and objectives.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
  • Experience in planning and managing Special Education programs, including budget oversight.
  • Familiarity with management principles and curriculum development for Special Education.
  • Ability to implement counseling and testing programs for Special Education students.
  • Proficient in addressing various learning abilities, including special needs and low skill levels, within diverse classrooms.
  • Preferred proficiency in bilingual (Spanish) communication.

Skills and Experience Summary:

Collaboration and Community Engagement:

  • Coordinating with professional staff, parents, and community groups.
  • Effective teamwork, especially with parents and community members.

Classroom Management and Student Success:

  • Successful management of urban classrooms with structured approaches and high expectations.
  • Track record of achieving measurable student performance gains, particularly with English Language Learners.

Fiscal Management:

  • Collaborative decision-making with the CFO on hiring and budget matters.
  • Development, monitoring, and administration of program budgets and contracts.

Leadership and Administration:

  • Building and maintaining positive relationships with staff and the public.
  • Effective time management and organizational skills.
  • Planning, organizing, and administering complex Special Education programs.

Communication and Problem Solving:

  • Strong oral and written communication abilities.
  • Accurate analysis of situations and implementation of effective solutions.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal guidance.
  • Proficient in preparing comprehensive narrative and statistical reports, with basic data analysis skills.

Supervision and Professional Development:

  • Supervision and evaluation of staff performance.
  • Staying informed about trends and developments in Special Education.

Education and Experience

  • California Teaching Credential with Special Education/Educational Specialist Clear (Level II)  Credential, P.P.S. credential with an emphasis in School Psychology, or Administrative Services  Credential
  • Minimum three years of urban teaching, school psychology, or administrator experience  preferred
  • Knowledge in areas of Behavior Intervention
  • California Administrative Credential and at least three years of successful administrative experience
  • Valid California Teaching Credential preferred.


Compensation and Benefits

Salary: Salary will be placed based on experience and education starting at 120k

Location: Los Angeles, CA (ability to travel to all schools)

Benefits: Health, dental, vision, STRS retirement matching, life insurance, short-term disability, optional 403b plan, sick and vacation paid time off, and holidays.

Start Date:         July 2024