Inclusive (Special) Education Elementary School Coordinator

Bright Star Schools
LA Central, CA, LA South, CA, San Fernando Valley, CA
Instructional Coach
$90,000 - $110,000/year
$500 Relocation Bonus
Loan-Forgiveness Eligible
Special Education
Pre-Kindergarten - 5th


Bright Star Schools is a free, publicly funded and open enrollment non-profit organization with nine public charters in urban Los Angeles. Across all of our Bright Star sites, over 90% of our students are eligible for free and reduced lunch.

Our mission is to provide holistic, inclusive support for all students to achieve academic excellence and grow their unique talents so that they find joy in higher education, career, and life. Bright Star students will become leaders who act with integrity and champion equity to enrich our communities and the world. The framework to our success is our core operating principles, which are Integridad, Ubuntu, Kohyang (고향), and Growth.

Our educators join a family that is passionate and committed to developing all students to become well-rounded citizens. We offer small class sizes, comprehensive teacher support, and numerous collaboration opportunities across the organization and within school sites. We strongly believe in teacher voice, and we work to increase teaching practice and effectiveness through our data-driven and feedback-derived professional development.

Summary of Role: The Inclusive Education Coordinator (for our Elementary grade level band which includes 3 schools) will work closely with the Vice President of Inclusive Education, Lead Inclusion Specialist Teachers (Special Education Teachers), School Psychologists, and school site administrators to plan and execute a comprehensive improvement plan to increase student achievement for our students with special needs. The Inclusive Education Coordinator is responsible for building teacher capacity in person at the site level, as well as remotely responding to the org-wide needs of Inclusion Specialist Teachers (Special Education Teachers) at all nine Bright Star Schools. The Inclusive Education Coordinator must take a hands-on approach to improving instruction through working with groups and individual educators (General Educators and Special Educators) from the system-wide level to the classroom level in order to directly improve differentiated instruction and increase student learning. This may include observing lessons, providing specific feedback, sharing research-based strategies and resources, modeling lessons in classrooms, helping teachers plan instruction, creating system-wide policies and procedures, and facilitating professional development.

Reports to: Vice President of Inclusive Education

Desired Qualifications:

● At least five years of successful Special Education teaching experience (Elementary school experience preferred).

● Experience in development, preparation, and presentation of professional development preferred.

● Specific knowledge of K-12 common core content and curriculum (expertise in K-5 preferred). ● Specific knowledge of assessment, unit, and lesson design.

● Specific knowledge of Special Education law, LAUSD compliance practices, and Welligent (IEP database).

● Excellent communication, interpersonal skills, and use of mentoring language.

● The ability to work effectively with adult learners.

● The ability to skillfully offer constructive feedback to facilitate change.

● The ability to organize and prioritize projects and tasks.

● The ability to seek resources and solutions to effectively solve problems.

● Holds a growth-mindset for self, colleagues and students.

Requires Qualification:

  • Clear CA Education Specialist Credential

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following, as well as, other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned.

● Collaborate with Vice Presidents of Inclusive Education, Lead ISTs, ISTs, School Psychologists, principals, and related staff to manage and organize the physical classroom environments to promote learning, including the development of classroom management systems

● Use effective teaching and behavior management strategies

● Work with teachers to design, modify and implement project curriculum to meet the individual learning needs of our students

● Support school site teams with Tier 2 and Tier 3 student case management (ADR, Mediation, and Due Process cases)

● Facilitate corrective actions stemming from oversight feedback and directives from CSD and CDE to school sites

● Provide ongoing feedback to teachers on their Weekly Action Plans

● Coach developing Inclusion Specialist Teachers throughout the school-year using mentoring language

● Collaborate with Administrators to deliver on compliance, IE instructional programming, high level updates around IEP caseload, and staffing needs

● Build district-wide systems and procedures to support organization, compliance and accountability (i.e. IEP development, scheduling, timelines, and service tracking)

● Update and communicate weekly dashboard data input and org-wide compliance incentives

● Attend New Teacher Development Program mentor training and forums throughout the year to improve coaching practice, develop mentoring language, and further explore the inquiry cycle of the mentoring process for Inclusive Education

● Advise teachers about means of altering, accommodating, and, or modifying teaching methods when working with students with diverse abilities in their classrooms

● Ensure special education staff and general education staff are able to assess how students with diverse abilities learn best and then adapt teaching methods to fit students’ unique learning styles

● Establish classroom climates that encourage student growth and development in areas of knowledge, skills, and attributes as delineated in the educational mission

● Administer diagnostic tests as needed

● Develop and implement appropriate educational curriculum

● Collaborate with CMO and IE Leadership Team to plan and execute pre-service summer professional development for new and returning staff members.

● Design and facilitate org-wide professional development sessions throughout the school-year.

● Observe and coach developing teachers to improve instructional planning and implementation.

● Facilitate teacher analysis of data provided by diagnostics, common assessments, and formative assessments.

● Assist instructional teams to develop both school wide and classroom intervention plans.

● Work with CMO and school administrators to develop policies and school structures that facilitate the improvement of differentiated instruction and the appropriate placement of students.

● Analyze data and adopt an effective course of action.

● Maintain the confidentiality of schools, teachers, and classrooms.

● Advocate acceptance of, and provision of services for, children with disabilities


● Establish and maintain a trusting, confidential and non-evaluative relationship with teachers to help develop their autonomy as professionals

● Assist teachers in reflecting on and analyzing their practice, reviewing student work and using

relevant data to inform instruction and enhance student achievement of students with IEPs

● Gives constructive feedback with next steps to accelerate teacher development in classroom management and culture strategies

● Use knowledge of equity principles to deepen a teachers’ application of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and IEP goals within instruction

● Model, as appropriate, innovative teaching methodologies through techniques such as co-teaching, co-planning, student and demonstration lessons e.g., co-planning, modeling, co-teaching, student work analysis, and observation

● Encourage teachers to identify instructional resources and support throughout the entire school community

● Incorporate technology and analysis of data to advance both teacher learning and classroom practice (i.e. knowledge of IReady intervention program)


● Provide or collaborate on delivery of differentiated professional development to teachers, paraprofessionals, and any other aligned teammates in the Inclusive Education dept

● Participate in aligned Professional Learning Communities within the Inclusive Education team and/or relevant network Professional Learning Communities

● Attend coach training and forums throughout the year to inform coaching practices

● Collaborate with Instructional Leadership Team to develop specific coaching pathways and tools for Inclusion Specialist Teachers (ISTs)

● Design and facilitate IE professional development sessions based on trends and compliance needs (ie. Cadre, Quarterly retreats, Beginning of the Year New Teacher Onboarding)

● Collaborate with lead ISTs and site Admin in the planning and implementation of professional development for educational partners including-staff and parents


● Maintain documentation (including but not limited to):

o Coaching logs to record all interactions with teachers

o Coaching data analysis/records to drive decision making for teacher development and student achievement

o Current and accurate coaching calendar reflecting scheduled meetings

● Demonstrate the highest standards of honesty, integrity, flexibility, and responsiveness

● Establish a flexible work schedule that may extend beyond traditional school hours

● Handle information in a confidential manner in accordance with established policies and legal requirements (FERPA, HIPAA, etc)


● Ability to travel between nine school sites across Los Angeles (Mid City/West Adams, Koreatown, and Valley)

● Normal, routine levels of activity related to bending, carrying, climbing, hearing, lifting, reaching, sitting, standing, vision and walking, and may also involve above-average levels of activity at times that can’t always be anticipated


● Full-Time



Status: Full Time, 12 month position equivalent to an administrative calendar

Location: Los Angeles, CA (Traveling between 3 Elementary schools with some flexibility to work remotely)

Benefits: Health, dental, vision, STRS retirement matching, life insurance, short-term disability,

optional 403b plan, gas mileage reimbursement between work sites, sick and vacation paid time off,

and holidays.

Salary Range: BSS salary is commensurate with experience and education