3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

Chicago Jesuit Academy
Greater Chicago Area, IL
Lead Teacher
$42,000 - $55,000/year
Loan-Forgiveness Eligible
English, Math, Social Studies, Science
3rd - 4th

Chicago Jesuit Academy is currently looking to hire talented teachers to serve our 3rd-8th grade school as we grow our student body.

Students who attend Chicago Jesuit Academy will be the next generation of leaders in the city of Chicago. Talented men and women who wish to be employed by Chicago Jesuit Academy as teachers must demonstrate a past and continued commitment to academic excellence, professional development and the best ideals of the Catholic faith. Strong candidates for teaching positions are disciplined workers, compassionate listeners and tireless advocates for the children they serve. Most importantly, they recognize that Chicago Jesuit Academy will ask them to approach their work as a vocation and make substantial contributions of their time and talents in the service of the students of the Academy. The success of each Academy student hinges upon the determination and excellence of each teacher.

There is no greater relationship at CJA than the relationship between teacher and student.

All faculty will be expected to serve as classroom teachers as well as proctors for a variety of daily and co-curricular activities. They are expected to:

  • Model the best ideals of the Catholic faith as a “person for others” in the Jesuit tradition.
  • Demonstrate a profound commitment to excellence in teaching through professional development.
  • Participate in the continued curricular and cultural development of the Academy.
  • Be a highly effective classroom manager who adheres to and promotes all Academy policies set forth in staff and student handbooks, especially those regarding student conduct.
  • Actively participate in all required orientations, retreats, staff meetings and department meetings.
  • Maintain detailed and accurate records of student performance as well as unit curriculae, weekly learning plans, and daily lesson plans.
  • Plan and chaperone supplementary educational experiences, including retreats and field trips.
  • Regularly submit to both peer and formal observations and volunteer for demonstration lessons.
  • Communicate regularly with parents about student performance and classroom expectations.
  • Perform additional duties as assigned, including but not limited to one minor duty, such as proctoring breakfast, and one major duty, such as teaching a daily half-hour formation course or proctoring lunch/recess.
  • Support the development of the Academy by sharing the school’s mission with friends and the benefactors who support the scholarship needs of Academy students.
  • Strong candidates will have knowledge of the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm and believe in an education that forms the whole person — cura personalis in the Jesuit tradition. These candidates will also be expected to have outstanding interpersonal skills, excellent organizational skills and relevant teaching experience. Certification and a master’s degree in one’s desired subject area are preferred.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 upon commencing employment.