US History Regents Teacher

Comp Sci High
Bronx, NY
Lead Teacher
$75,000 - $125,000/year
Loan-Forgiveness Eligible
Social Studies
9th - 12th

Who We Are

Comp Sci High is a charter high school serving the South Bronx. We opened 6 years ago with a mission to put every student on a path to economic freedom. The community and model we have built have been doing that work for the last six years with excellent results.

Our founding team came together to start CSH because we believe that students in the Bronx can and will join the next generation of programmers, tech entrepreneurs, computer scientists, and overall become leading professionals with tech skills for any industry. We wanted to build a new kind of high school--a high school that truly prepares kids for their lives after graduation. We also wanted to build a community of adults with strong connections to each other, to kids and families, and to the Bronx community.

We are looking for an inspiring, talented, visionary, and educator to join our amazing team, help us continue to build and reimagine our school, until we are among the best and most innovative high schools in the country.

Our Mission

To ensure every student graduates with a college acceptance letter, high tech skills, real work experience, and a robust plan to turn those opportunities into a successful career where they will achieve the median income of the U.S. by the age of 25.

Our Values and Beliefs

At CSH, we value diverse views and ideas. But, we believe that every adult in our community needs to share a core set of values and beliefs in order to give our students and families the school they deserve.

What Our History Teacher Will Do

Mission: Our History Teacher will ensure our students develop a complex understanding of American History and its continued relevance to the world we live in today. A successful history classroom not just teaches the past but the ability to analyze multiple perspectives and wrestle with cognitive dissonance before coming to their own conclusions. Students will not just learn how to develop historically defensible claims but articulate complex arguments with an awareness of who will and will not agree with them. Successfully done, this allows students to learn to apply Social Science tools to understand the world around them in the long run. In the short run, this will allow students to achieve excellent exam results on the Regents US History exam and if applicable, the AP US History exam in tenth grade--not just passing but a score that demonstrates a deep understanding and true mastery of the subject matter. This requires the teacher to have both a deep understanding of the narrative of US History and comfort with scaffolding both up and down to meet students where they are in their development.

Job Description: Our History Teacher needs to be an excellent classroom teacher and have a passion for curriculum design. The History Teacher will:

  • Work with the Department Chair to develop a 10th grade U.S. History program that delivers excellent results, teaches students to analyze events from social, economic, and political perspectives, and shows students the connections between American History and contemporary society;
  • Teach four sections of 10th grade American History, leveraging both class time and prep opportunities like Mock Exams and Saturday prep to ensure that 90%+ of students are on track to pass the American History Regents Exam;
  • Build strong relationships with students, families, and the Bronx community;
  • Lead an advisory, supporting and mentoring 10-15 students and building close relationships with their families;
  • Collaborate with faculty, students, and parents to build an innovative, exciting, and effective school model that achieves our mission and impacts education reform nationwide.

Teachers’ hours will be 8:15-4:30 daily, with the student academic day running from 9:00-1:30 on Wednesdays, and 9:00-3:45 on other days. Teachers may elect to lead an after-school extra-curricular club or coach a sport for an additional stipend. In the summer of the upcoming school year new teacher PD will begin around August 14th, and the school year will begin in late August.

Pay and Benefits

Salary: $75,000 - $125,000. We offer very competitive benefits, commensurate with experience, and great opportunities for professional and career development.

Who We’re Looking For


We believe students succeed when adults build a close, collaborative community and strive relentlessly for excellence. We are also building a new school. With those things in mind, we are looking for teachers:

  • who strive for excellence--who constantly push themselves, their colleagues, their school leaders, and their students to be better;
  • who love to build community with students, families, and colleagues;
  • who see and respect BIPOC students, different cultures, and kids from the Bronx;
  • who are willing to learn and grow from students, staff, managers, and coaches;
  • who are excited by the idea of founding something new and innovative; and
  • who want to grow and develop in their careers.


  • Experience teaching in an urban school, with a track record of excellent student growth across ability levels;
  • Familiarity with differentiation in general and in history classrooms in particular is preferred;
  • A passion for History in general and US history in particular with a desire to continue learning;
  • Experience writing/designing curriculum; comfort with backwards planning and understanding by design framework is a plus;
  • Experience differentiating for students of many abilities;
  • A demonstrated commitment to working with kids and having standards for them.