The American Indian Academy of Denver

6th - 10th
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  • Overview

    The American Indian Academy of Denver (AIAD) is a community-based, open enrollment, public charter school that serves grades 6-12 (currently enrolling grades 6-10 for the 2022-23 school year). All students are welcome, and the school is specifically designed to address the unmet needs of American Indian and Latino students in the Denver metro area AIAD’s model is Indigenized STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math taught through a American Indian principles and ways of knowing). As Indigenous people of North America, we have been critical thinkers, scientists, artists, and innovators since the beginning of time. It is our intention to help our students carry that cultural legacy into the 21st century! AIAD believes that our cultural strengths can provide the foundation that will allow ALL students to succeed.


    Our mission is to collaborate with students, educators, families, and community members in creating a school where indigenous principles and knowledge are placed in a student-driven STEAM curriculum to prepare all students to be college, career, and life ready.


    Our vision is a flourishing community of students, families, and educators where students are supported holistically, secure in their cultural identity, empowered to become community leaders, and prepared to excel in life.

    Belonging: Create and maintain a school culture and climate where all students, parents, and families feel a sense of belonging.

    Cultural Identity: Empower all students to succeed through cultural strength and identity.

    Achievement: Provide students with a rigorous, culturally-responsive STEAM curriculum that will give them pathways to academic and career success.

    Support: Provide universal supports that ensure all students’ social, emotional, and mental wellness.


    ● Loves teaching middle/high schoolers;

    ● Demonstrate a deep commitment to decolonized mindsets and practices;

    ● Has experience in project-based, problem-based learning experiences using integrated


    ● Has experience with cooperative learning techniques to enhance collaboration skills among


    ● Possess collaborative skills and a willingness to work with colleagues in a Professional

    Learning Community;

    ● Possess desire to learn and grow, and is open to feedback from instructional leaders and


    ● Demonstrate willingness to be involved in community activities and events outside of typical

    school hours.


    ● Possess Colorado Teaching Licensure and/or endorsements in the subject areas that s/he will

    teach and/or hold at least a BA or higher in a relevant subject area;

    ● Possess at least Year-One English Language Acquisition (ELA) qualification or is willing to

    acquire this qualification within one year of hire;

    ● Has minimum of 2 years classroom experience;

    ● Possess strong content knowledge, particularly around pre-Algebra, Algebra, Physics, Earth

    Science, and Biology;

    ● Has experience developing and implementing differentiated curriculum and learning

    objectives for a wide range of learners;

    ● Has experience and/or strong understanding of how to design culturally competent learning


    ● Has experience integrating technology, art/design into instruction and student learning


    ● Possess deep understanding of what it means to live as part of a marginalized group of


    ● Possess great relationship skills and high emotional intelligence


    ● Empowering work environment in a community-based school dedicated to community


    ● Opportunity to help build a high achieving school nested in Indigenous belief systems and


    ● Participate in a shared leadership model where all voices are heard;

    ● School committed to supporting professional growth for all employees;

    ● Health/dental/vision insurance and PERA (retirement);

    ● Staff wellness opportunities;

    ● Moving stipend for new employees moving to Denver from outside Colorado;

    ● Annual salary range dependent upon education and experience

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    6th - 10th
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