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Kindergarten - 5th
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    University Prep’s two elementary schools (kindergarten – 5th grade) in Northeast Denver are tuition free public charter schools with a simple and clear mission – prepare every child for a four-year college degree and a life of opportunity.

    At University Prep (U Prep) we dream big with our children and families. We call our students scholars because we believe that’s what they are, and we want them to believe it too. At U Prep, we’re not just preparing our children for college, we’re preparing them to pursue whatever dreams they may have

    • Full commitment to, belief in, and alignment with mission and vision of University Prep.

    • Full commitment to organization’s core values and core identity.

    • Unyielding optimism that children can perform at or above grade level regardless of where they may be starting their educational journey.

    • Minimum of one year working in urban education and/or with a diverse student population.

    • Experience or familiarity analyzing data and using data to inform decisions and/or instruction.

    • Strong organizational skills as evidenced by exceptional time and task management

    • Ability to work full-time, including some evenings and weekends along with a “whatever it takes” disposition.

    • Ability to work in person/in the school building and provide in person, classroom instruction. This is not a telecommuting role.

    • Openness to feedback and a strong desire for continual growth and development as a professional.

    • Willingness to take responsibility for scholar outcomes and achievement without excuse.

    • Demonstrated track record of operating with a growth mindset and deep humility in all previous roles.

    • Bilingual preferred (English/Spanish) (not required).


    ● *Salaries starting at or above the district (DPS) average and growing at a faster rate (*For those with less than 10 years of teaching experience)

    ● 100% of medical benefits covered for all employees

    ○ Up to $ 600 in contributions to a personal wellness account

    ● Potential access to signing bonuses and moving stipends

    ● Entrance into our Teacher Career Pathways and Opportunities (TCPO)

    ○ Includes additional compensation (Up to 10K) and opportunities for instructional coaching, grade-level leadership, and personalized PD based on areas of interest/focus.

    ● Three weeks of summer professional development (PD) for new employees (two weeks for returning employees)

    ● Robust PD over the course of the school year (including our Summer Institute)

    ○ 140+ hours of PD for new instructional staff

    ○ 110+ hours of PD for returning instructional staff

    ● Weekly personalized coaching and supports: ○ Time to connect (our leaders go beyond helping develop your technical skills and ensure we know what’s going on with you)

    ○ Classroom observations including real-time coaching

    ○ Observation feedback sessions

    ○ Co-Intellectual Prep meetings (working with you to prepare for instruction) ○ Data meetings to analyze and action plan

    ● Weekly time for grade level teams to collaborate and engage with each other with a focus on helping all of our scholars succeed.

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    Kindergarten - 5th
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