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LA - San Fernando Valley
Nursery - 12th

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Has degree in science (or related)
15 years experience

Innovative and enthusiastic High School Biology and Science Teacher with a passion for cultural diversity

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I have a J1 Visa sponsor through BridgeUSA exchange teacher with Spirit Cultural Exchange. I am seeking a Host School for me to work with. A dynamic teacher with a solid history of successfully stepping into diverse classroom environments.

NY • Last active 7 days ago • View Profile

Seasoned, multi-discipline anthropologist, educator, writer, researcher, and curriculum developer, specializing in ELA, Writing, Humanities, Culinary and Visual Arts

FL • Last active 8 days ago • View Profile
10 years experience

CA • Last active 11 days ago • View Profile
Certified in science
Has degree in science (or related)
23 years experience

MN • Last active 12 days ago • View Profile
Has degree in science (or related)
3 years experience

Aspiring lead secondary school math and science teacher, with experience in physics and chemistry teaching secondary school students. I have two bachelors' degrees, one degree in Earth Sciences. Based in MN, seeking to relocate.

CA • Last active 24 days ago • View Profile
Has degree in science (or related)

Currently teaching Geometry for regular and honours classes this summer. I am also a Tutor for Math, Integrated Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Chemistry and Physics. Seeking a full-time job.

CA • Last active 24 days ago • View Profile
9 years experience

Science educator, experienced with implementing NGSS standards and working with a highly diverse student body, looking for a classroom or administrative role.

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7 years experience

I am confident that my academic achievements and dedication will contribute to my personal goals and facilitate engaging learning experiences for my students.

IL • Last active a month ago • View Profile
Has degree in science (or related)

Seasoned private educator with more than 10 years of proven experience. B.S and Master of Chemical Engineering!