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Has degree in generalEducation (or related)
7 years experience

Simple teacher with great ambition in life. Creative innovative and passionate about teaching. Hardworking and collaborative with all colleagues, I am friendly, cheerful, and trustworthy. Most Outstanding Promising Innovation Awardee 2018

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11 years experience

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10 years experience

Experienced educator with a proven ability to motivate teachers and students towards higher achievement. Dedicated to helping students reach their full potential, regardless of learning style or need in both traditional and virtual settings

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10 years experience

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3 years experience

A dedicated and experienced educator with a passion for helping students learn and grow.

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Princeton Grad. College Counselor. Experienced ACT Prep and English teacher.

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8 years experience

Multilingual educator, leader and workshop facilitator with IB experience who both practices and leads by example: growth mindset and emotional intelligence, and is a strong proponent of differentiated instruction and assessment.

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0 years experience

New York State Certified Teacher of the Deaf K-12 and New York State Secondary English Language Arts Teacher.

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14 years experience

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Versatile & compassionate, an innovative literacy / ed tech specialist. Founder & Director of custom learning pod program, rooted in AMI Montessori, Reggio Emilia, whole child, inquiry based learning.