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MA - West
Nursery - 12th

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CA • Last active 17 hours ago • View Profile
0 years experience

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26 years experience

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1 years experience

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3 years experience

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8 years experience

I am a person with teaching and learning skills, with patience, empathy, leadership and a great motivator for students of different educational levels. I have had the experience of serving science classes in high school for 8 years.

CA • Last active 22 days ago • View Profile
30 years experience

CO • Last active 22 days ago • View Profile
Certified in science
Has degree in science (or related)
8 years experience

Experienced Teacher, Tutor and Mentor in Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Robotics at both the high school and university level. Eight years of experience inside and outside of classroom settings.

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Has degree in science (or related)
15 years experience

Innovative and enthusiastic High School Biology and Science Teacher with a passion for cultural diversity

MD • Last active 23 days ago • View Profile
Has degree in science (or related)

Aspiring educator with depth of class room experiences in rural, urban and international setting, a mission to transform the education system and, empower the upcoming generations to aptly deal with the challenges that lay ahead.

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13 years experience

Benjamin Yeboah is a passionate and dedicated teacher who believes that creating a safe and inclusive classroom environment is essential to student success. I strive to build strong relationships with my students through respect and trust.