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MO • Last active a day ago • View Profile
20 years experience

Passionate, innovative, high school Spanish teacher seeking to share my knowledge and experience, while coaching and supporting secondary educators during the next ten years of my career.

MD • Last active 15 days ago • View Profile

Education is the way for students to achieve virtue in their lives. History and ethics are entangled. My trajectory as a teacher aims for both subjects. Experience as Middle and High School History Teacher, with a focus on AP curriculum.

MD • Last active 20 days ago • View Profile
1 years experience

IN • Last active 2 months ago • View Profile
1 years experience

CT • Last active 3 months ago • View Profile
1 years experience

Graduate student in Criminal Justice and Psychology utilizing a diverse experience in teaching, retail and hospitality, and healthcare to contribute a dynamic and impactful role in the field of criminal justice.

MS • Last active 4 months ago • View Profile

Princeton Grad. College Counselor. Experienced ACT Prep and English teacher.

AZ • Last active 7 months ago • View Profile
Certified in worldLanguages
Has degree in worldLanguages (or related)
15 years experience

Experienced Bilingual (Spanish/English) Educator. Masters in Elementary Education - Certified. Based in AZ. Open to relocation!

FL • Last active 8 months ago • View Profile

Multilingual educator, leader and workshop facilitator with IB experience who both practices and leads by example: growth mindset and emotional intelligence, and is a strong proponent of differentiated instruction and assessment.

• Last active 10 months ago • View Profile
5 years experience

Hello! I am and Spanish and English teacher with more than five years of experience. I also have experience in school administration, school library and in residential schools.

• Last active a year ago • View Profile

I am a special education teacher with 3 years of experience working with children from 3 to 6 years old. At the moment, I am looking to expand my knowledge about education and learn from other cultures. I adapt quickly to work.