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Nursery - 12th

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CT • Last active 21 hours ago • View Profile
1 years experience

NY • Last active 7 days ago • View Profile

Seasoned, multi-discipline anthropologist, educator, writer, researcher, and curriculum developer, specializing in ELA, Writing, Humanities, Culinary and Visual Arts

CA • Last active 12 days ago • View Profile
0 years experience

Dynamic educator with 3 years teaching experience (in elementary, middle, and high school) who believes in meeting each student where they're at and fostering an inclusive, creative, critical-thinking, compassionate community in each class.

NY • Last active 13 days ago • View Profile
5 years experience

Multilingual Marvel: K-12 Teacher Inspires Through Language, Social Studies, and Sports!

IL • Last active 14 days ago • View Profile
Certified in socialStudies
Has degree in socialStudies (or related)
9 years experience

High school Social Studies teacher focused on student learning and achievement in all environments + promoting quality learning for all students from a broad based experience

GA • Last active 19 days ago • View Profile
17 years experience

I am a creative and resourceful General Education Teacher with Master of Arts in Secondary Education with over 17 years of classroom experience that has proven to enhance students of all learning types performance.

FL • Last active 25 days ago • View Profile
2 years experience

Experienced English/ESL teacher with years living abroad and teaching students from diverse populations.

NJ • Last active a month ago • View Profile
Certified in socialStudies
15 years experience

Progressive, veteran educator (MSEd, NYS certified), DCI, teacher mentor. I believe in harnessing 21st century instructional models—blended learning, PBL, data driven instruction to close the achievement gap. Seeking a leadership position.

PA • Last active 2 months ago • View Profile
Has degree in socialStudies (or related)

Dedicated and passionate teacher focused on closing the achievement gap within black and brown communities

CA • Last active 3 months ago • View Profile
Has degree in socialStudies (or related)

Adaptable teacher experienced working with people from diverse cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. Able to identify and support the specific needs of students whether at home or at school.