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Nursery - 12th

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Certified in generalEducation
Has degree in generalEducation (or related)
5 years experience

Creative and resourceful teacher with over six years of varied instructional experience. Looking to relocate.

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17 years experience

Student-centered teacher with expertise in Teaching. Offers wide background in supporting students, God fearing with experience developing instructional plans, and organizing and grading exams and tests.

UT • Last active 11 days ago • View Profile

Experienced teacher looking for a job in her new town

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Has degree in generalEducation (or related)
7 years experience

Simple teacher with great ambition in life. Creative innovative and passionate about teaching. Hardworking and collaborative with all colleagues, I am friendly, cheerful, and trustworthy. Most Outstanding Promising Innovation Awardee 2018

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4 years experience

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7 years experience

I am a passionate and hardworking elementary educator who believes that all children are capable of learning when given developmentally appropriate learning opportunities. I strive hard to provide the highest quality of learning.

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5 years experience

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5 years experience

A trained and certified CPI professional, with over a years experience working with students in an inclusion school, I think I have the needed qualities to be a part of your team

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6 years experience

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5 years experience