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Has degree in math (or related)
3 years experience

Simple teacher with great ambition in life. Creative innovative and passionate about teaching. Hardworking and collaborative with all colleagues, I am friendly, cheerful, and trustworthy. Most Outstanding Promising Innovation Awardee 2018

CA • Last active 11 days ago • View Profile
Certified in math
Has degree in math (or related)
15 years experience

CO • Last active 13 days ago • View Profile
Certified in math
10 years experience

Hailey is an expereienced Mathematics Instructor and Professor, Leader, Curriculum Developer, and Assessment Auditor and Editor in both higher and secondary eduation.

UT • Last active 17 days ago • View Profile
10 years experience

My name is Eliza Pinnegar. I have a PhD and a teaching degree. I want to use my experience to connect with students and families and help spark a love of learning.

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7 years experience

Accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a learner's imagination and breed success, an action-oriented professional with over 7 years of experience in education.

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13 years experience

Mathematics Teacher for 13 years and counting...

VT • Last active a month ago • View Profile
Certified in math
Has degree in math (or related)
14 years experience

Certified (NJ, VT, NC) Teacher of Mathematics. I have been tutoring for 30 years, teaching for 18, and studied Mathematics at Cornell University. I have been teaching online full-time exclusively for the past four years and seek the same

CO • Last active a month ago • View Profile
Certified in math
Has degree in math (or related)
8 years experience

Experienced Teacher, Tutor and Mentor in Math, Physics, Electrical Engineering and Robotics at both the high school and university level. Eight years of experience inside and outside of classroom settings.

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9 years experience

I am an empathetic, collaborative, and adaptable mathematics teacher. I aim to make learning mathematics fun, engaging, relevant, and lifelong. I strive to foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills in my students.

FL • Last active 2 months ago • View Profile
5 years experience

A trained and certified CPI professional, with over a years experience working with students in an inclusion school, I think I have the needed qualities to be a part of your team