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Avoid Stress

The Demo Lesson is frequently the most challenging component of a teacher interview, but preparing wisely cuts down significantly on stress. Learn tips on how to increase your readiness for anything!

Key Points

  • What to assume about prep time.
  • Planning for materials — which teacher materials are most necessary for you to bring?
  • Having a backup plan.

Insider Tips

Remember that time is a major factor for all teachers during the Demo. Areas most likely to suck up time are the introduction, setting of expectations, and transitions (such as distributing materials or getting into groups). Rehearse these portions and plan exactly how you will transition students, down to the exact words you’ll use! Have a way to record student mastery of your lesson, whether in the form of collectable student answers or by bringing a clipboard to document the percentage of students who mastered the objective during the lesson. Be prepared for technology failures — and rooms that don’t accommodate your technology needs.

LAUSD Candidates: Bring at least two copies of your lesson plan and any necessary materials (LAUSD will only provide a writing surface and markers). While you will be given two minutes to set up, it’s still advisable to come with as many pre-made, ready-to-go materials as possible. You will also only be provided with markers and a writing surface, so plan to bring all other materials.


Workshop on POISE - For more tips on successful lessons, check out Liz Willingham’s full length workshop.

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