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Establish a Positive Classroom Community

Jamie discusses the importance of establishing a positive classroom culture with high expectations, to ensure successful classroom management.

Key Points

  • How and why to set your OWN behavioral expectations during the Demo.
  • Ways to set clear expectations while also incorporating joy and encouragement in your lesson.
  • Tips on quickly building rapport and relationships with your students throughout the lesson.

Insider Tips

  • Always set expectations at the beginning of a lesson by using a pre-made poster with three rules.
  • Make your explanation extremely brief — then get into the lesson.
  • Throughout the lesson, be sure to assess whether students understand the content being presented (Checks For Understanding).

LAUSD Candidates: Remember that your “students” are actually school interviewers. They will be modeling behaviors that are age-appropriate for the students you would be teaching. Be prepared to address and redirect behaviors when necessary!

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