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Challenging Student Behaviors > Lesson 3 of 7

Addressing 95% of Problematic Behavior, Part 2 of 2

Explore additional highly effective yet less invasive strategies to use in your classroom. You will be given 3 common examples of student rule-breaking and be asked to choose which strategy would be most effective.

Key Points

  • Examine a variety of less invasive strategies such as proximity, silent signal, and reinforcing language to address student behavior.
  • You will be given 3 very common behavior problems that might arise in your classroom. Decide which strategy to use, and why.

Insider Tips

If a student is trying to hide the rule that they are breaking (e.g., sneaking glances at a cell phone or whispering to a classmate), proximity almost always stops the behavior. If they are trying to hide it, chances are they don’t want to get caught and/or draw attention to themselves.


Managing Challenging Behaviors Handout

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