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Planning Your Teacher Demo Lesson Step-by-Step

For most teachers, the demo lesson is the most feared component of the interview process. We will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step, stress-free guide to planning and executing a successful demo lesson that will let the best version of you shine! We’ll share strategies we have seen and used ourselves that are sure to impress the hiring team, plus what you should always avoid. Follow our advice and you’ll nail this demo lesson! Don’t have an upcoming demo scheduled yet? Much of what we’re sharing are best practices that can be incorporated into your everyday instruction—no demo necessary!

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Course Length

  • 10 lessons total
  • 53 mins total


  • Liz Willingham
  • NYC public school teacher, instructional coach, and recruiter

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Course Outline (53 mins)

POISE Framework: I is for “Interesting” (4:34)
Keeping students engaged and interested during your demo lesson
POISE Framework: S is for “Simple” (3:57)
How and why you should keep your lesson simple
POISE Framework: E is for "Expectations" (5:52)
How and when to set expectations for student behavior
When Disaster Strikes (3:29)
What could go wrong during your lesson and how to fix it
The Debrief / Other Resources (6:42)
How to make a strong impression during your debrief (Do’s and Don’ts)

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