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POISE Framework: P is for “Prepared”

Note: you will need a stand-alone lesson for this part of the course. Use your own, or one of ours (listed under "resources")

We think the “P” in POISE is the most neglected, yet perhaps the most crucial part of the acronym. Being prepared isn’t just about studying the lesson. In fact, we find that while many teachers fully internalize the content of their lesson, they fail to adequately prepare when it comes to instructional materials and student routines. There are so many factors involved in the demo lesson that are beyond your control, but you can control how prepared you are. Here’s how.

Topics Covered

  • Student routines: which ones you should plan for, and where many teachers fail
  • What materials you should bring to your demo lesson
  • Activity: List all materials you would bring for your sample lesson

Insider Tips

Something as simple as a student needing a writing utensil can trip you up when you’re already nervous. Don’t get stuck awkwardly asking where the extra pencils are — simply bring extra sharpened pencils with you to your demo if at all possible.

Other Resources

Demo Lesson Resources (Sample Templates, Sample Lessons)

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