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Teacher Resume Guide and Master Class

The average hiring manager spends six seconds looking at a resume. Learn what they are looking for and what puts your resume at the top of the list. During this course, you will evaluate real teacher resumes from the perspective of a hiring school, and use model examples to revamp your own teacher resume. We’ll also share pitfalls that are all too commonly seen on teacher resumes, and finally, some quick adjustments that will take your resume to the next level.

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Course Length

  • 9 lessons total
  • 45 mins total


  • Liz Willingham
  • Former NYC teacher, instructional coach and recruiter

Additional Resources

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Course Outline (45 mins)

Other Teacher Resume Content Tips (5:01)
Additional “Do’s” and “Dont’s” of teacher resume content
Beginner's Guide to Teacher Cover Letters and Job Descriptions (6:48)
Three-step approach to teaching position descriptions and writing cover letters that stand out
Aesthetics & Formatting (6:51)
Best practices regarding template style, font, file type and formatting
Grammar, Punctuation, and Other Resources (5:06)
Common grammatical and/or punctuation errors seen on resumes and how to avoid them

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