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Grammar, Punctuation, and Other Resources

Even ELA teachers make grammar and punctuation errors on their resumes. We can’t teach grammar and punctuation in five minutes, but we can share common mistakes seen on teacher resumes. Don’t make these rookie mistakes!

Key Points

  • Common errors include improper or inconsistent capitalization and use of the apostrophe, using first person pronouns, and inconsistency with punctuation
  • Have at least three trusted people review your resume specifically for grammar and punctuation before sending
  • Learn more about additional resume support resources from Selected, and how Selected can help you find a job you love and support your career development

Insider Tips

One of the most common mistakes we see on resumes is teachers using periods at the end of some bullet points, but not others. Since bullet points don’t require ending punctuation, you have the option of taking them out entirely to avoid this potential problem.

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