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Four-Step Routine Planning, Part 1


Most teachers will agree that planning routines and procedures is, well, not the most exciting part of teaching. But we promise you, it’s crucial to the success of you and your students. If you lose even ten minutes per day to sloppy routines, and there are 180 days in the school year, you lose 30 instructional hours per year! We don’t have that kind of time, do we?

Topics Covered

  • A list of common classroom routines for upper and lower grades
  • Choose one routine to plan for your students. Plan what you expect from student behavior during this routine and write sequential, student-friendly directions
  • Tips on how to deliver directions to students so that they resonate, such as waiting for full attention, using less language, pausing after each step, and modeling the procedure

Insider Tips

Practice and film yourself pretending to give directions, using our best practices as a guide, then self-evaluate. Keep filming until you have internalized all of the strategies and feel comfortable and confident presenting them to students.

Other Resources

Guide to Planning Routines

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