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Rules and Expectations


Whether you call them “rules,” “expectations,” “rights and responsibilities,” or a “class constitution,” it is absolutely essential that they are established and internalized within the first few weeks of teaching. Here, we cover 1) what said rules might look like with your students, 2) philosophies behind the process, and 3) how to introduce the rules to students

Topics Covered

  • Learn the basic philosophy behind student-created vs. teacher-created rules and decide which is more appropriate for your students
  • See samples of classroom rules/expectations for various grade levels
  • Reflect on student routines and behaviors that have been problematic for you in the past
  • List behaviors you want to see from your students, categorize them, and form them into classroom rules

Insider Tips

If you are inconsistent about even one rule, students will likely perceive the rest of the rules as invalid. Before you finalize them, make sure you can consistently enforce them.

Other Resources

Guide to Planning Rules

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