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Answer an Interview Question About Growth Areas

“What are your areas of growth as an educator?” is essentially asking what your weaknesses are. This is a great opportunity for you to speak about how you continuously and thoughtfully improve your practice.

Topics Covered

  • Make sure to include strategies you have used, evaluation of those strategies, and next steps
  • Samples of both typical and excellent responses for you to use as a reference
  • Evaluation of both responses, using the framework
  • An opportunity to draft your own response to the question

Insider Tips

  • Choose a growth area that can be easily improved upon (ie “I struggle organizational strategies”, or “lack knowledge of progressive math instruction”) rather than a personality trait that feels fixed (ie “disorganized” or “impatient”).
  • When you talk about the measures you have taken to improve, share more than one strategy you have tried to demonstrate your persistence.

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