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Ace the Teacher Interview: Mastering the Virtual Interview > Lesson 3 of 9

General Tips for the In-Person Interview

Liz explains the basics of the in-person interview, including how it fits into the process, school goals of the interview, and what to avoid.

Topics Covered

  • The interview generally takes place on the same day as the demo lesson, and is often the deciding factor on whether you get hired
  • Common pitfalls: rambling, making excuses, and lack of enthusiasm
  • Your goal is to get schools excited about the idea of you teaching there! That means being friendly, enthusiastic, and receptive to feedback

Insider Tips

  • If you find yourself rambling, don’t be afraid to stop and ask, “Am I answering your question?”
  • Schools generally will give you a tour of their school prior to the interview and demo lesson. This is a great time to generate thoughtful questions or comments about what you see (posted student work, data on student achievement, curriculum, etc.)

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