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Ace the Teacher Interview: Mastering the Virtual Interview > Lesson 4 of 9

How to Respond to Teacher Interview Questions

What you say and how you say it is critical. Learn how to frame your responses during the in-person interview so that it’s clear you are reflective and knowledgeable — two qualities most prized by recruiters and school administration.

Topics Covered

  • To prevent rambling or freezing during the interview, use our framework to plan out responses to frequently asked questions beforehand
  • Any response should include three components: knowledge, application, and ownership

Insider Tips

  • If you are asked a question and need a moment to think, take it! There’s no shame in saying “Let me think about that.” They would rather wait 10 seconds for you to respond than hear a long-winded, indirect answer.
  • Including specific examples from your classroom to support your response helps paint a picture for the interviewers (ie Parent involvement is extremely important in my classroom. That’s why I send a behavior chart home every day that communicates important information about the child’s behavior. I ask parents to sign and return it each day.)

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